Are you already claiming R&D Tax Incentives?

There's a sweeter way to claim

It’s brilliant that you’re already claiming R&D Tax Incentives, but that’s just the first step. At Bumblebee we can help you with consultancy support, taking care of all the paperwork along the way. We can analyse your business and determine whether you could be receiving a higher return on your innovation investments.

  • It is vital that you understand what you are claiming for a why. Whether you are doing it yourself or using an advisor, as it is your claim it’s your risk. 
  • In the event that HMRC choose to hold an enquiry over your R&D claim, it is important to understand the reason why you are claiming, not just what you are claiming.
  • HMRC charge penalties for errors if you can’t show you’ve taken reasonable care.
  • If your claim is taking up too much time each year you may want to hire an expert adviser to deal with the paperwork that may be taking up your valuable company time.
  • Businesses that invest in their claim process year-on-year and use their resources strategically benefit from a more robust claim and better value for money.
  • Many companies struggle to correctly identify all of their R&D projects as there are so many ways that R&D is implemented in businesses. 
  • At Bumblebee our tax advisers are experts in understanding R&D and where it is used in an array of different sectors. We can help you identify whether eligible to a higher return. 
  • HMRC are known to scrutinise projects and claim calculations – they expect you to full understand and justify what  you have claimed and why.
  • Our team are on hand to help protect your business and manage HMRC enquiries, ensuring that your time can be focused on running your business.

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