Specialists in
R&D Tax Credits


At Bumblebee we are experts in innovation tax. We help businesses submit R&D tax credits claims that deliver more value than claims made in-house or by accountants.

Is this your first R&D Tax Credits Claim?

If you're new to R&D Tax Credits, we can help you invest money back into your business by claiming back the money you spend on research and development. The benefit you receive will allow you to expand your business and tackle more ambitious projects.

Are you already claiming R&D Tax Credits?

If you're already benefiting from R&D Tax Credits through in-house administration or an accountant, you may be able to claim more than you're getting. At Bumblebee we are experts in R&D tax credits.

What are R&D Tax Credits?

Research and Development (R&D) tax credits are an incentive to reward companies engaged in innovation. R&D tax credits can provide valuable funding for any company spending money on developing new products and processes or improving existing ones.

This relief can give your business the opportunity to claim back a proportion of your R&D expenditure as tax credits, which can reduce your tax bill or increase taxable losses.

The Result

What are the key benefits of R & D Tax Credits?

Immediately Effective

Access hidden and immediate source of cash to invest back into your business

Business Growth

R&D Tax Credits give your business the opportunity to expand into new markets

Tax Savings

You will see a significant reduction to your current and future tax liabilities

Business Stability

With R&D Tax Credits you will see a reduced risk of future investment, and better financial planning

Economic Growth

R&D Tax Credits have been proven to positively impact the UK's economic growth

Global Leaders

R&D Tax Credits help put the UK at the top, ensuring we are at the forefront of R&D and innovation

Does my business qualify?


Claims can be made under two initiatives: the SME initiative for smaller businesses, and the RDEC initiative for larger organisations. Under both initiatives, the following key criteria applies.